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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose MINKST over other companies?

It’s important you do your research and we very much encourage it! Our mission is to create better cosmetic journeys (which we continuously strive to improve). We think we are pretty amazing at it with several points of difference and supported by our extremely high patient satisfaction rates. Don’t take our word for it though, check out our Google Reviews and do your research. Learn more about MINKST

How does your pricing work?

Your quote will be based on the location, hospital, procedure and the technicality of that procedure – e.g. how long will it take in the operating theatre. All our advertising is a ‘from’ price. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible to give you an idea of costs even before your surgery consultation.

What do your prices include?

Our prices are all inclusive which include costs for surgeon, hospital, anaesthetist, implants (if applicable) and all required follow-up care.

Are your doctors / surgeons experienced and qualified?

Our doctors and surgeons are highly experienced in the procedures they specialise in and are fully qualified with either Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) or the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS). They all meet our stringent standards developed and overseen by our Medical Director, Dr Daniel Fleming who has more than 25 years of cosmetic surgery experience and has performed over 7000 procedures.

How do I choose the right surgeon?

There are many different doctors and surgeons with varied experience and qualification. So how do you choose who is right for you? Read our blog!

What is the MINKST recovery technique and what does it mean?

For first-time breast augmentation surgeries, the technique aims to allow for a shorter recovery period. Read all about it here.

What breast implant brands do you use?

We offer a range of breast implant brands including Mentor, Motiva, and Polytech, and can supply any TGA-certified implant (which means they are safe to use in Australia and tested by strict Australian standards). During your surgery consultation you and your surgeon will decide the brand that is right for you. Learn all about breast implant brands here.

What payment options do you have?

The Australia Health Regulator (AHPRA) guidelines prevent us from recommending any specific options, but several can be found by searching ‘medical finance’ and used for your surgery. If you are considering exploring finance options to have surgery and pay it off after, it’s important to do your research and look for competitive interest rates.

What is your refundable surgery consultation fee?

A fee is payable for your surgery consultation but you can be confident knowing it is fully refundable within 48 hours if you decide that surgery is not right for you. No catches, no loopholes- see how it works here.

Do I need to wear a post surgery garment? And who pays for that?

It depends on your procedure and surgery. Surgeons have different instructions for surgical garments.

For example, with breast augmentation surgery some surgeons will advise you to wear one and some don’t require it.

Some surgeons include post-surgery garments in your quote and they are supplied, and some you need to purchase yourself which range from $20 – $60.

We will give you the brands requested and approved by your surgeon.

Can I look like this celebrity after surgery?

Patients often share photos of celebrities or images they’ve found online as references. This is helpful in knowing what someone likes (and perhaps doesn’t like). Since surgery is an enhanced version of your current body, it isn’t a one size fits all situation. Absolute perfection is impossible – understanding your options will help you to achieve the best and longest lasting results. Read What Looks Can You Achieve With Breast Implants?

Can I travel to you for surgery?

Yes! We support many of our patients who are not local and travel to where surgery is performed. Contact us to discuss how it works.

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