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Procedures & Prices

At MINKST we work hard to offer a premium experience at affordable prices- which include costs for surgeon, hospital, anaesthetist, implants (if applicable) and lifetime follow-up care.

Our expert team will help you distinguish the facts from the hype so you can make informed choices and achieve your best possible result!

Breast Procedures

Increasing breast size through the insertion of breast implants.

The removal and replacement of old Breast Implants. This procedure can also incorporate a Breast Lift.

Lifting breasts to a more fuller position by removing excess skin and insertion of implants where needed, to get the desired result.

Although breast implants remain popular, some women decide for various reasons to undergo breast implant removal surgery.

Reduce the size of breasts to create a more proportionate body contour and ease those uncomfortable symptoms and feelings.

Fat transfers combined with breast implants, to fill in areas where natural breast tissue is lacking to create a more natural result.

Helping to lift the breasts by removing excess tissue and increasing the volume of the breasts by inserting breast implants.

Body Procedures

Change the shape and tone of your abdomen and tummy area to create a firmer, smoother, lifted profile post weight loss or pregnancy.

Helping to remove those stubborn areas of fat that won’t budge even after living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Procedures sometimes performed together during a single operation, which may reduce the overall recovery period and cost.

Face Procedures

A minimally invasive procedure tightening and contouring the skin on the face and neck with dramatic results.

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