Refund & Cancellation Policy

We understand that life events happen and you may need to cancel after you have booked.

Although a lot of time and money goes into the services we provide, we don’t think you should be penalised for deciding to not have surgery. That’s not in-line with our Ethos and is why we offer a full refund of your surgery price if you need to cancel for any reason except within 7 days of your booked surgery date (see why below). Surgery is a big decision and we would never pressure you into it.

Details are below…

The consultation fee is your payment for arranging your surgery consultation. The fee is refundable up to 48 hours after payment. After this time your consultation fee is non refundable.

Surgery Price
All amounts paid towards your surgery price are fully refundable if you don’t proceed with surgery except for the following circumstances:

If you cancel within 7 days of your surgery date for any reason a $2,500 fee will be payable. Within this time period your implants are ordered, your surgery is scheduled with the hospital and anaesthetist, and your surgery spot cannot be booked by another patient resulting in a loss.

Once surgery is performed all amounts paid are non refundable.

Refund Process
To process a refund we need your bank account details emailed to us. We aim to process refunds within 7 days of receiving your account details. We are not responsible for any loss from you providing incorrect bank account details.

Our aim is to be transparent and fair, please contact us if you have any questions.