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Different types of breast implants.

Breast Implant Brands

Wondered about the differences between breast implant brands and why some are so heavily talked about or marketed over others?

At MINKST we understand it can be confusing to find the best implant for you and we are here to help you make an informed decision based on facts so you can cut through all the advertising hype.

Breast implants are classified as class III medical devices, and are therefore among the most strictly controlled products on the market. All the implant brands we offer at MINKST are TGA certified – which means they are safe to use in Australia and tested by strict Australian standards.

Some things to be mindful of when looking at Implant Brands and what is being promoted:

    1. Surgeons and companies may get a “kick back” (incentive) from certain brands.
      This can take the form of discounted prices, bonus implants, sponsorship, travel subsidies and other benefits. MINKST offers a range of different brands because there is not a one size fits all approach and not all brands will suit everyone. Your surgeon will advise and guide you but the final choice is totally up to you.


    1. The more expensive the product is, does not mean it is a more quality implant.
      The amount spent on advertising and promoting and incentivising surgeons may push the price of the implant up, so the correlation to cost does not mean higher quality – all of the implants approved in Australia are high quality.


    1. Buzz words VS research findings.
      Words like: ‘premium’, ‘first’, ‘modern technology’ more often than not are just advertising spin with research findings questionable and taken out of context.


According to Dr Daniel Fleming, medical director of MINKST, who is one of Australia’s most experienced breast implant surgeons with more than 25 years experience and also an internationally recognised breast implant researcher, the reality is there is little to choose between the performance and safety of all of the implants currently approved by the TGA and therefore available in Australia. Claims to the contrary, for example one implant brand or surface is clearly superior to another, are not supported by the long term evidence. Therefore your surgeon’s recommendation (perhaps because of the specific size and shape of a particular implant), the warranty offered and the reputation of the manufacturer are factors you should consider.

Below are the implants brands MINKST offers for breast implant surgery:


  • Country of manufacturer – USA
  • Time in industry – 30+ years
  • Warranty to cover Life time rupture replacement?* – Yes


  • Country of manufacturer – Costa Rica
  • Time in industry – 15+ years
  • Warranty to cover Life time rupture replacement?* – Yes


  • Country of manufacturer – Germany
  • Time in industry – 30+ years
  • Warranty to cover Life time rupture replacement?* – Yes

*Warranty note: this is for the cost of the implant only and does not include the other costs associated with replacement surgery.

Remember – don’t believe everything you read (including forums) based on an opinion or from a surgeon who may only promote one type of implant.

Contact MINKST today to help you make an informed decision and decide which implant brand is right for you.

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