What Looks Can You Achieve With Breast Implants?

When it comes to the desired look you want to achieve with breast implants; your body, the shape, size and placement of implants will all have an effect on the overall look you will end up with.

So it is important to have in mind the overall look you want, but also what is appropriate and achievable for your body type.

Remember no one size fits all. You need to have realistic expectations and listen to your MINKST surgeon recognising their knowledge and experience will guide you to understand what is achievable for you.

Below are some examples of the different looks we are able to offer at MINKST using a variety of different surgical techniques and breast implants.

Smaller, more ‘natural look’ achieved with round implants

315cc & 255cc, high profile, round, implants placed over the muscle.

This patient wanted a natural look and to go from an A cup to a B/C cup size breast and we were able to achieve this look for her with the use of two different sized implants (due to her having more breast tissue on one side), high profile, round implants. The patient still had enough tissue to have them placed over the muscle and retain a natural look.

Larger look with high profile, round implant

450cc, round, high profile implants placed over the muscle.

This patient was interested in a larger, more augmented look. Placing the implants in front of the muscle, with a larger implant can result in a more obvious shape of the implant for thinner patients who do not have as much natural breast tissue to disguise the implant.

Breast augmentation without a lift (when a lift is almost required)

315cc, round implants placed over the muscle.

This patient was borderline for needing a breast lift and she wanted to be higher, fuller and larger, but not too much larger. Careful planning, based on measurements and the surgeon’s experience and surgical techniques was necessary to ensure the lifting effect of an augmentation without implants was achievable for her. It is very important to ensure the dimensions of the implant are adequate to fill the skin in the lower part of the breast and to avoid total submuscular placement in a patient like this otherwise the so called “Snoopy” deformity. Placement in front of the muscle was needed here to maximise lifting and optimise the outcome. If you are borderline requiring a lift, you can read our Blog which may help you understand if you are able to get away with breast augmentation alone. 

Natural look with tear drop implants

290cc silicone gel implants, tear drop shape, under the muscle placement, medium profile projection.

The desire was for a C cup, full, round looking breasts. You might think a round implant would be the right choice to achieve this but it was not for this patient due to her wider chest and risk of a “double bubble” effect.

For this patient if a round implant wide enough to close the gap and give good cleavage had been chosen, its lower edge would have been well below this patient’s existing breast crease. Because she has a well defined crease of her own this may not disappear and the new crease formed by the lower edge of the implant is below it can cause the “double bubble” effect. This was avoided by her surgeon recommending a particular shape of tear drop implant that is wider than it is tall. You cannot tell this just by looking – all you see is an excellent result.

Although this patient needed a tear drop implant It is important to note for many patients, a natural look is able to be created without the use of tear drop implants.

This is a good example of why no one size or shape fits all. Implants that gave a great outcome for one woman may not in another. It is worth saying again – you need to have realistic expectations and listen to your MINKST surgeon. Their knowledge and experience will guide you to understand what is achievable for you.

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