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Which Liposuction Technique Is Right For Me?

Liposuction (lipoplasty) is a cosmetic surgery procedure to remove unwanted fat cells resulting in improved contours and proportions. Over the years, several techniques have been developed to perform liposuction. You may hear conflicting advice on which technique is the “most advanced” or “obtains a better result” or “faster recovery time”. But the truth is, the technique that is most suitable to you will primarily depend on the technique your surgeon specialises in and recommends for you. There is little evidence to suggest any technique is superior or more effective than another for all patients.

Traditional Liposuction (also known as Tumescent Liposuction) is one of the most commonly used methods which involves the injection of a solution containing saline, local anaesthetic, and epinephrine into the treatment area. Then a cannula (a thin, hollow tube) is inserted through small incisions in the skin, and then fat is suctioned out.

Other techniques of liposuction which involves a process similar to the above include:

  • Vaser Liposuction – uses ultrasound energy to selectively target and emulsify fat cells before they are removed
  • Laser Liposuction – utilises laser energy to heat and liquefy fat cells before they are removed
  • Micro Liposuction – can use a combination of techniques with a smaller cannula targeting smaller areas of the body

Which one is right for me?

Each liposuction technique has its advantages and considerations, and the most suitable method for you depends on:

  • Your surgeon’s preference and expertise in the particular technique
  • Your anatomy including your skin elasticity and how much or little fat you have to lose
  • Your medical history
  • Cost and recovery times
  • Your desired results

At MINKST you can be assured all doctors we partner with are Australian qualified and highly experienced in liposuction, who meet our stringent standards developed and overseen by our Medical Director, Dr Daniel Fleming who has more than 25 years of cosmetic surgery experience. They chat to you about your goals and recommend a technique that is right for you.

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