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What To Expect From FaceTite

FaceTite is a minimally invasive Facelift alternative, that uses radio frequency (RF) energy to tighten and tone the skin on the face and neck.

As a patient, you can expect the following before, during and after a FaceTite procedure:

The Results

FaceTite treatments are capable of providing incredible results. Some improvement will be visible following treatment with a noticeable improvement typically after 3 months. Results will continue to improve with collagen production for 6-12 months post treatment lasting 5+ years.

Before the procedure:

  • Consultation with your FaceTite specialist to discuss your goals and medical history

During the procedure:

  • Cleaning and numbing of the treatment area
  • Insertion of a small cannula under the skin through tiny incisions
  • Use of radio frequency energy to heat and contract the skin and underlying tissue
  • Removal of the cannula and closure of the incisions with sutures or tape

The procedure is relatively quick, taking from 60 minutes to a few hours to complete depending on the treatment required. You will return home the same day.

After the procedure:

  • Mild swelling, bruising, and redness in the treatment area
  • Temporary numbness or tingling in the treated skin
  • Wearing of a compression garment or wrap for several days to reduce swelling
  • Follow-up visits with your MINKST specialist to monitor your progress

At MINKST we insist on the highest standards and quality of care. Not all patients are the same, it’s important your specialist listens to what you want to achieve and develops a personalised plan with you.

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