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Two stage breast lift, what does this mean?

A two stage breast lift is a surgical procedure that involves two separate stages. In the first stage, the surgeon performs a breast lift to reposition the nipple and areola and to tighten the skin. In the second stage (3-6 months later) the surgeon places breast implants to increase the size and fullness of the breasts.

Why has a two stage breast lift technique been recommended to me?

There are several reasons why a surgeon might recommend this technique:

1 – To help improve the long-term results of the surgery. By performing the breast lift first, the surgeon can create a better “canvas” for the implants. This means that the implants will be more likely to sit in a natural position and that they will be less likely to migrate over time.

2 – To reduce the risk of complications. Focusing on letting the body heal after one aspect of surgery first, can reduce the risk of complications.

For example, Breast lift surgery can sometimes cause temporary numbness in the nipple and areola. By waiting a few months between the two stages of surgery it gives the nerves more time to heal. This can help to reduce the risk of permanent numbness.
The surgeon may be concerned about skin elasticity and the amount of tension that will be placed on the incisions during a breast lift if the weight of an implant is added immediately. Removing the weight of the implant in the first stage gives the incisions more time to heal properly and may lessen risks such as more obvious scarring or even necrosis.

Allowing additional time for healing between stages can be especially important for patients who have other health conditions that could make healing more difficult.

3 – Choosing the right size. A two stage breast lift can also be a good option for patients who are not sure about the size of breast implants they want. By performing the breast lift first, they can see how their breasts look after the lift and then decide on the size of implants in the second stage of surgery.

What are the Pros and Cons of a two stage breast lift?


  • Can improve long-term results
  • Reduces risk of complications
  • Allows you to see how your breasts will look after the lift before deciding on an implant size
  • CONS

  • Longer recovery time
  • More expensive than one-stage procedure
  • If you are considering a breast lift, talk to your surgeon about whether a two stage procedure is right for you. They will be able to assess your individual needs and goals and recommend a surgery plan, tailored to you.

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