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A female holding a breast implant in her hand.

Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous breasts are a condition where the breasts are smaller and have a constricted appearance. This is caused by a malformation of the breast tissue and the surrounding tissue, resulting in a lack of fullness in the upper part of the breasts and a generally elongated tube-like shape. The nipples may also be positioned lower than usual and pointed downward. Tuberous breasts can affect one or both breasts and can be present from birth or develop during puberty. 

It’s important to know a tuberous breast shape has nothing to do with lifestyle, weight gain/loss, or age.

If you have a tuberous breast shape and are considering breast augmentation surgery, more time and attention will likely be required during the procedure to ensure a happy match with your natural tissue and the implant underneath to achieve a nice, round shape post surgery.

Here is an example of Tuberous Breasts

Patients with this degree of tubular breast deformity cannot achieve the same result as patients with more standard shaped breasts, but substantial improvement is possible with the correct operative plan and skilled surgery techniques.

Most patients will require the use of anatomical (teardrop) implants to provide optimal results. The shaped implant along with the procedure taking longer to be performed in theatre increases the overall costs compared to someone without tuberous breasts.

See the patient’s full case study here.

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