Patient 04

A large gap becomes more natural looking cleavage

Patient Summary

A very natural, believable look was desired by the patient, but she had limited tissue coverage and widely spaced nipples. If round implants but proportionately sized implants were used, too big of a gap would occur and if the round large implants were used to close the gap, a more ‘fake’ look would occur.

The solution was a low profile shaped implant that was wider than it was tall to selectively close the gap without giving the ‘fake’ look.

Placement was under the muscle to minimise any edge effects.

Breast Implants Statistics

  • 270cc size
  • Tear drop shape
  • Low profile
  • Under the muscle placement
  • Silicone gel implants

* Unless otherwise stated, these patients have only undergone breast augmentation surgery

Breast Augmentation