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Internal Bra Lift – a new special technique?

There is a lot of marketing hype around an internal bra lift and we seem to be seeing it more and more frequently labelled as a “new, special technique”… but is it?

What is an Internal Bra Lift?

In one form or another, the internal bra has been around for decades. The goal of an internal bra lift is to ensure the breast and/or the implant are provided with extra support.

It is used when there is an extra risk of the breast sagging due to the patient’s anatomy or if the implant has a higher risk of displacing downwards and “bottoming out” – extra large implants are one example.

The term ‘internal bra’ is used to describe a variety of different surgical techniques or the use of specific additional surgical products, such as mesh or supportive material to improve breast stability and shape. 

However, some clinics and surgeons will claim that reinforcing the fold under the breast with strong sutures is an ‘internal bra’. This is a bit of a stretch (if you will forgive the pun!) as this is a routine part of a breast augmentation when performed correctly.

Do I need an Internal Bra Lift?

At MINKST we understand it can be confusing and challenging to find what the best option is for you. Most patients do not need an internal bra but if you do, we can help you make an informed decision based on facts so you can cut through all the advertising hype.

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