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Choosing between breast fat transfers and implants

What is a breast fat transfer procedure?

Breast fat transfers, also known as fat injections or fat grafting, is a procedure that works to add volume and reshape the breast. This procedure can provide a long lasting, natural enhancement to increase the size of the breasts and is a good option for those wishing to only have a small enhancement without silicone implants. Because the procedure is performed using material taken from your own body, your breasts will feel soft and have natural movement.

How does it work?

Fat is removed via liposuction from one or more unwanted areas such as the outer thighs, tummy and love handles. This is then injected around the breast area where it will take on a new blood supply and become living fat again.

You can expect a small decrease in the size of your breasts over the following weeks post op as some of the new fat will metabolise (or be reabsorbed) by your body. After about six months, the fat cells that remain should be enduring and last a lifetime.

Breast fat transfers, breast implants or a combination of both?


Both techniques or a combination of both can produce beautiful, long lasting results. So which one is right for you?

If you want a more natural and smaller boost to your breasts, usually up to 1 cup size, breast fat transfers alone may be a good option.

If you want more of a WOW factor, breast implants may be a better option than fat transfers alone.

Breast implants can achieve a more significant increase in volume, projection and upper pole fullness regardless of your body type. Although implants can sometimes be more obvious, either approach can achieve a natural looking result.

Occasionally breast implants combined with breast fat transfers are suggested if you want more volume but would benefit from having additional natural breast tissue surrounding the implant.

We find most patients opt for breast implants as fat transfers alone won’t give them their desired outcome. Additionally, because breast fat transfers involve liposuction, the procedure often requires more time in theatre resulting in a higher price compared to implants alone.

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