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Close-up of female, watching herself in a mirror, holding a breast implant.

Breast Implant with Wedge Technique

Not all sagging breasts need a breast lift – could the implants with a wedge technique be the answer for you?

We often have women reaching out who want fuller, more uplifted breasts. They may have sagging as a result of pregnancy, weight loss, or just genetics and time. They want to avoid the extra scars and expense of a breast lift, but implants alone may not be a suitable option.

Determining if you need a traditional lift technique

Nipple position is crucial. If your nipples are below the crease under your breast as you look side-on in a mirror, you will probably need a lift not just implants. This is especially so if the nipples are tending to point downwards because this makes any degree of sagging look worse.

The right type of implant placed in the right position can lift the breasts, but only a little bit.

Test: Putting your hands on top of your head lifts your nipples about the same amount as the correct implant can. Surgeons often use this test when they examine you, so trying it yourself can give you an indication if you will need a lift.

If your nipples are still at or below the crease with your hands on your head like the examples below, some sort of breast lift as well as implants is likely to be recommended to get optimal results.

Suitable candidate for Implants with Wedge Technique

There is a different technique called ‘wedge technique’ which can correct a certain type of sagging breasts without under going a traditional breast lift. It applies to women whose breast tissue sag below the crease but whose nipples are above the crease. See below example:

The technical term for this is pseudoptosis (pronounced soo-doe-toe-sis) which literally means false sagging. Mild versions may only need an implant to fill up the loose breast tissue. If there is too much loose tissue for an implant alone to fill, then a wedge technique may avoid the need for a breast lift.

The incisions & scarring

The surgeon positions an implant in a way where its lower part is in front of the chest muscle. This is done to ensure the muscle doesn’t get in the way of the implant from filling the loose breast tissue.

Any remaining sagging, is then removed by extending the existing incision under the breast and cutting it out in the shape of a wedge. For example:


Compared with implants alone this does result in a longer scar but it remains concealed in the crease under the breast. In contrast to a breast lift, there are no scars on the front of the breasts or around the nipple.

Most patients with sagging breasts need a breast lift but the wedge technique is an option for some. Of course, only an expert experienced in breast surgery can advise you if it is right for you.

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